We take pride in understanding that our members are a part of different and specific industry sectors. NATIONALWAY members include the thousands of men and women that work as employees, small proprietors, independent contractors, essential employees, or who have served in our Military. We also value our members who have extended their families with a pet and want to ensure that new addition is covered as well.

Agriculture & Construction

Industry sector of the workforce that includes members who are focused on the factors of life – food, water, land, and air; and those which deal with all aspects for planning, building, and maintaining structures.

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Industry sector of the workforce that includes members who are business owners who handle their own business operations, management, and financing.

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Fitness & Wellness

Industry sector of the workforce that includes members focused on managing, coordinating, and promoting health and wellness.

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Hospitality & Retail

Industry sector of the workforce that includes members focused on managing, marketing, and operating restaurants, lodging, retail, and recreational businesses.

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Essential/Transitional Workers

Industry sector of workforce that includes members of the community who are in transition from either an employment status change, career change, or a life change

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Who We Are

NATIONALWAY Association (NWA) is an established Texas non-profit member association founded in 1996 and focus driven to the betterment of its members at various stages in life.

We focus on improving, informing, and providing our members with not only health and wellness insurance, but lifestyle benefits as well.

Our Mission

The NATIONALWAY Association is fully committed to providing all its members with benefits, products, services, and strategic partners that align in unison with the members benefits desires, as well as their budgetary needs. Our members are comprised from direct reflections of very specific industries and sectors that are fueled by dedicated hard working individuals and families nationwide. We work very diligently on behalf of those that are working tirelessly for themselves, their families, and our country, as a whole.

What We Believe

Our Vision

NATIONALWAY’S clear perspective is that “one size” does not fit for all. We are in constant reach and review of what our members’ benefit needs and desires are in the present as well as the future.

We understand and respect the reality that “life changes” are a constant. Therefore, we are steadfastly committed to always being on the cutting edge of bringing real and honest value to our members in both our words and our actions.

What We Do

Our Values

NATIONALWAY has a sense of duty to serve all its stakeholders and strategic alliances in the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics achievable. As it relates specifically to our members, agents that represent us, strategic partners we align with, and all regulatory entities that we are openly accountable to.

We fully understand, that without trust and transparency, there is no opportunity for collective collaboration. We believe that NATIONALWAY is the way of our nation.



24/7 Online Access with more benefits coming soon!

Secure, interactive, online tools to assist with oral health assessments and education, phone or video access to a physician to treat common ailments, and access to a nurse to answer your non-emergency questions and provided professional medical advice.

  • MySmile Guide
  • My Telemedicine
  • 24/7 Nurse Hotline

Health and Wellness Support

Online access to assist with lifestyle education about weight management, overall health and wellness, and wellness programs to support your journey.

  • Online Fitness & Nutrition Center
  • Online Health Manager
  • Wellness
  • Lab Services

Pharmacy Benefits

Discount pharmacy (Rx) program that provides discounts on most generic or brand name FDA approved prescription medications.

  • Paramount Rx

Emergency Travel Assistance

Emergency medical and travel services.

Hearing Care

Discounted savings on hearing care services.