The Association’s purpose is to educate and inform its members with the latest and most up-to-date changes and information concerning the health and wellness of American workers and their families.

One of NationalWay’s concerns is the growing number of Americans in the workplace who are uninformed as to the many options available to them. Our research has identifying program benefits for which our members may currently qualify and are not informed. The research includes private and government organizations and programs that may assist our members in reduced cost or sometimes free services and assistance.

NationalWay membership consists of individuals and their families interested in furthering their knowledge and control of their health and well being. (Click Here for Advantages to Membership)

NationalWay is a not-for-profit member organization with a varied demographic of membership comprised of every race, gender, income level and age in America. Thousands of Americans from virtually every state in the nation make up the membership base of the association. Despite this exciting diversity, NationalWay members all share the same common challenges which is access to complete and unbiased information on health care, services, products, nutrition and general wellness.

As the cost of health care becomes ever more specialized and expensive, the ability for the average American to make informed and effective decisions regarding the health of themselves and their families become even more difficult.

Ironically, despite the nationwide attention on health insurance reform and the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, most Americans remain in the dark about how changes in the industry will affect their family and job. Extensive changes are occurring now and more remain on the horizon, yet Americans do not have a strong understanding of the impact these changes will have on their lives.

NationalWay strives to educate in order to equip its members with the information and resources necessary to make knowledgeable decisions about health and wellness for themselves and their families. Each day new and vital
information on industry changes, disease prevention, financial independence, diet and nutrition, preventative practices, new trends, reforms and  alternative treatments are available to members. NationalWay recognizes the need for and endeavors to promote access to information and education as a tool to improve the quality of life for every American.