Members of NationalWay enjoy many benefits designed to empower individuals and families to take control of their wellness needs. NationalWay strives to help Americans understand numerous aspects of the healthcare and wellness industries. To that end, members gain access to information covering topics from eating healthy to the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.
With the rising cost of prescription medications outpacing the growth of individual incomes, the association recognizes many Americans are not receiving the care and medicines they need simply because of the high cost of prescriptions. Members enjoy prescription network benefits available for
use at almost every pharmacy in the nation. These network benefits establish a discount rate for NationalWay members for most generic and name-brand prescription drugs. Membership in the association is available to those that
aspire to the purpose and intended service of the association.

Some of the benefits available to NationalWay members include savings or access to the following:

Fitness & Nutrition
Fresh Grown Foods
Hotel Savings
Lab Services
Pet Care
Family Legal Savings
Recreation Savings
Medical Health
Nurse Hotline

Patient Advocacy
Personal Wellness
Retail/Mail Order
Roadside Assistance
Tax Help Line
Diabetic Care Supplies
Dining Savings
Doctors By Phone

Theme Park Coupons
Auto Care Savings
Mechanic Hotline
Tire & Rim Savings
Airfare, Vacations, &
Cruises Savings
Budget truck rental
Flowers & Gifts
Movie Tickets
Moving & Storage

SpaFinder Gift Cards
Grocery Coupons

Health Information
Roadside Assistance
Oral Health Care
Magazine Savings
Meineke Car Care
Shopping Cash

The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational or scientific purposes including (a) the fostering and promoting of education and research concerning the advantages and availability of suitable lifestyle, consumer, health related, non-health related and other assistive, protective, and other benefit and services programs as allowed by law: (b) the collections and dissemination of statistics and other related mailers; (c) the location and determination of suitable and appropriate benefits of the nature of lifestyle, consumer, health related and non-health related and other related products and services needed and desired by members at efficient and reasonable costs; and (d) the providing of e-mail, internet websites, media, newsletters, conferences, meetings, seminars, forums and other means of effective communication to members and others concerning the purposes of the corporation.